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Ayurveda - Science of Life


The ancient knowledge of life - Ayurveda, has been practised for over 5000 years. This traditional medical system is dealing not only with everyday imbalances, aches and pains but also chronic      conditions.


Ayurveda looks at every person individually and divides the human body into bodytypes. Using different techniques such as tongue- , pulse- or face diagnosis, the ayurvedic practitioner will be able to determine your personal bodyconstitution.


After a thorough consultation, I will provide you with a complete assessment of your physical, mental and emotional situation to re-balance any personal concerns.


My Consultation includes recommendations of suitable herbs, lifestyle changes, ayurvedic treatments, dietary changes as well as yoga and breathing excerises.







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What`s your ayurvedic bodytype? - The Dosha Quiz



Do you have sleeping problems?


Do you suffer from bad digestion?


Do you have an active/ restless mind?


Do you have cold hands/ feet?


Do you have dry skin?


Do you suffer from anxiety/depression?


Do you have an irregular lifestyle?



Do you feel impatient?


Do you suffer from problematic skin?


Do you have sensible eyes?


Do you suffer from headaches?


Do you have a very strong appetite?


Do you tend to sweat easily?


Do you like to have structure in your life and like to organize everything?



Do you suffer from fatigue?


Are you overweight or tend to gain weight easily?


Are you always tired?


Do you feel unmotivated?


Do you have a good long term memory?


Do you suffer from lung problems or do you have a weak respiratory system?