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Acupunture is the stimulation of energy points

and channels in the body with very fine needles.

In my treatments I specialise in Korean Hand

Acupuncture where I only needle the hands

which are seen as a micro-system.

With this method we can treat any imbalances

the patient has in the body.


Acupuncture Facial Enhancement is the stimulation of energy points in the face which are activated with very fine needles to promote radiance, stimulate collagen production and to target specific areas of ageing concerns. This wonderful treatment uses the ancient wisdom of acupuncture to make you look and feel younger. I use facial cups and a jade roller as well as a jade Gua Sha board to stimulate the blood circulation in the face and neck area. Combining these different techniques will give your facial muscles a workout and tightens them as well as the lymphatic flow is stimulated and flushes all the toxins out of the cells to bring fresh nutrients back into the skin. Whilst the needles are left in the face for about 15 - 20 mins I will needle the hands to focus on other concerns you might have or stimulate a healthy Qi flow for overall health. This type of acupuncture is called Korean Hand Acupuncture and sees the hands as a micro system and can just like classical foot reflexology work on several imbalances in the body. I recommend to do six sessions- one treatment a week to see the best results.




This treatment is a well known treatment from the traditional chinese medicine and works with suction in cups to draw any toxins out of the body. It is great to release any muscle tension and on request I offer Cupping Massages too.