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About Marc


Growing up in a small city close to Berlin, Germany,

I was introduced to herbal medicine, crystal healing and other alternative ways of treating illnesses by my grandmother and mother at a very young age.


At the age of 16 I started my training as a Reiki Healer and in Massage therapy. As my mother was a teacher at a beauty school back home, she booked me into classes after school to learn more about the human body and how to activate its own ability to heal.


By March 2009 I moved to London and started working for Gina Conway Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa in Wimbledon.


In 2010 I travelled to India where I stayed for about two months. I lived in an ashram and learned everything about the Art of Yoga. Qualified as a Yoga Teacher I came back to London but was intrigued by the peace and gratitute that the indian culture had to offer.


I started studying Ayurveda and Acupuncture which transformed my life completely.

I used to suffer from acne skin and tried everything available on the market including antibiotics and benzol peroxide which only worked as long as I took them (I don`t even want to start with the side effects).

Treating myself with alternative ways made my skin clear up completely!



Treatments are available in Southwest London in Wimbledon. Please contact me for more information.







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Here are some of my recommendations for other treatments in the holistic field:


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